Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Did You Hear the News?

It’s happened! The little “Red Pill” has been invented. You know what red pill I am talking about, The one where we need no more surgeries, no more exercise, no more dieting, no more trying, no more set backs! The “Red Pill” where we take it at 9pm, go to bed and the next morning we all look like Brad Pitt or Angelina.

April fools!! Sorry, believe me am I sorry. I think in the back of my mind I have waited for that pill for the past 42 years. The truth is it is not happening … at least not now! Who knows what the future holds but the fact is, we live in the present. It is “the Now” that we need to deal with. We need to live life to our fullest ….. Now, today!

When I began this blog message, I thought for a minute, “should I fool around with such a sensitive subject. Let us face it obesity is a serious problem. People dying from it each day and others are sacrificing their own quality of life. So what is so funny I thought? Then I said to myself, “self, lighten up”! Sometimes we need to use our sense of humor … it helps. A little laughter is not a sin. It is okay to laugh. I have met people in my life, who think if they laugh, then others will not know how miserable their lives are!

Do not worry; we will know how miserable your life is ….. just laugh a little. It is okay and it may feel good actually.

I love humor. I try to find humor in life as much as possible. My wife (best friend) and I have laughed so much (often through some of our hardest times). You would be surprised how a little humor; a little laughter can make things go a little better.

As a dear friend of mine, taught me a long time ago … your sense humor can often heal loneliness, boredom, anger and many other negative feelings.

So look around today, find a something to smile about (or laugh about). Call someone who makes you laugh, tell someone a joke, get tickled (emmmm).

The thing is, feel good about life in general, feel could about yourself; feel great that you are a player. Why shouldn’t you? You are, and I am great people and we deserve happiness.

Have a smiling day



This new nun joins a convent and she takes the vow of silence. She is only allowed to say “two words” each year. Therefore, a year goes by and the Mother Superior says to her “okay sister a year has gone by you can now say two words. What would you like to say”? The sister looks at the Mother Superior and says “Food Stinks”!

The Mother Superior thought to herself, “wow, she could only say two words and food stinks is what she says”. The “Mother Superior” changes the cook and brings in better quality food.

Another year goes by, the sister comes in front of the “Mother Superior”, and Mother says to her, “Sister another year has gone by what two words would you like to say this year”?

The Sister looks at Mother Superior and says “Bed hard”! The Mother Superior thought to herself, “My Lord, I better change the furniture. It must be terrible, if this is the two words she chooses to say and it is about the furniture”. She changes all the furniture in the Convent.

The third year pasts and the Sister comes before the Mother Superior and Mother says, “What words do you choose to say this year”? The nun says “I Quit”!

The Mother Superior says, “Oh, thank God, you have done nothing but complain since you got hear”!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike
I needed that.

Anonymous said...

Great piece for laughter.

keep em smiling and you keep em happy

Love to all

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike...

I am always laughin and still smiling..i try to keep a humerous outlook on EVERYTHING in general except for the fact that i cant seem to get myself together food wise. I MISS YOU SOOOOO much, and madelaine too... you have no idea. Everything changed when i left brooklyn....all for the better except for my weight. This is the ONE CHAIN i cant seem to cut thru and it scares me now that i'm getting older and am not moving as much as i used to.

I am so thankful for your blogs and writings as they kindof bring me back to where i *should be* God Bless you mike....its just getting harder and harder for me now and i cant figure out why. I have plenty of moral support i guess its just the physical togetherness of being with others that are going thru the same thing. Then i think i am just making excuses NOT to be able to do it...but i know thats not it either. I get up every day saying "today will be the day..." so far it is.....lets pray that the rest of the day goes well. Thanks for sharing your heart with us ...and always being willing to lead the way.

Missing you so much...

Anonymous said...

hey choo glad its you

Mike Hebranko said...

Hey Choo
Madelaine and I both miss you too. We had some great times but at the same time did do some important work, especially on ourselves.
You write so well and with true words. We are getting older and losing weight and maintaining becomes a more difficult task ... but not impossible. The basics are the same, eating right and doing some kind of exercise.
Self motivation remains the first and most important task.
If I had the magic answer you and many of my brothers and sisters would know it.
Choo in your case look around and see the things you have in your life now and let the past be the past. The now and future is yours and you desrve to be happy and healthy.
You can do it and not to sound corny but one day at a time one choice at a time. Focus on the beauty of life and not the food in it!
I love you Choo and my regards to your loved ones
Love always
your dear friend

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
thanks for such a great uplifting blog! I loved the Joke about the Nun, I have told everyone.
I do not know this Choo person but I relate to them when they say the weight thing scares them. It scares me too. I can be doing great one day and then the next I am like a different person.
Why am I so afraid to reach out for help when I am in trouble. Is it that I may let someone down. In the meantime it is I who I am hurting.
Mike I know you do not know all the answers but if you can shed a little light on the subjct.
Thank you Mike for being so open

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through google. The truth is the last thing I heard was that you past away. Oh, I am so glad that it was not true. I read all your Blogs and I am sorry about your families loss. I hope your daughter in law, son and the rest of you are healing. Time will help.
As for you Michael, you are, have been and always will be, an inspiration to me and millions. Your will to survive, your attitude to live, is of great inspiration to so many.
I personally do not suffer from a food addiction but I have someone very close to me, that I love very much, who is going to die from this disease. Michael, it is my son and he is only 40 years old. You have helped me so much, to understand what he is going through.
At one time, I never thought of it, as him having a disease, and I was very angry at him.
I now (thanks to you), understand how hard he tries and instead of being angry with him (at what might be the end of his life), I am able to support his every effort and be part of his team. We communicate so much bettter now.
Michael God bless you and your journey.
Deepest thanks and love

Mike Hebranko said...

Dear Gena
You are so right when you say I do not have all the answers, because I sure don't. What I do have is, I have a lot of experiences. Positive and not such positive ones. All of which I learn something from.
As far as reaching out when in trouble, partially I think you are right, in that you may feel that you are letting someone down. Yet you know that if that person or persons really love you they will love you anyhow. If they don't understand then reach out to someone else.
The end results is what is important and taking care of yourself (ourselves) is the most important.
Gena I think another reason why we do not reach out so fast for help is that .....we are just not ready for the help!
Yet saying all that we take care of # 1 and that is you!
Hang in there Gena and keep in touch

Mike Hebranko said...

Hi Nadine
I am happy to report as of this response I am still alive! Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. I also want to tell you that you touched me in more ways than you can imagine.
It is great blessing that you have an open communication with your son. This is so very important for you and for him. This can be at times a lonley disease and he is lucky, to have you to be able to share things with.
Often the parent is the last person that a son (or daughter) wants to talk too.
You say you are part of his team, that is a beautiful thing.
To me "Team" sounds like there is some kind of "game plan".
If there is a game plan Nadine, then there is always hope.
Maybe just maybe your son's game is not in its last innings but rather, a whole new "ballgame" has begun.
Nadine "All things are possible ... you just have to believe"
I personally will keep you and your son in my prayers.

Also if you think it might help either you or him can email me at michaelhebranko@yahoo.com and I will call him or email him.
Good luck and let's keep in touch

Anonymous said...

dear nadine,
i am a very close friend of michaels and we have fought and won this battle together at times and at time s we lost together. the point is having a friend who truly understands. i have lost over three hundred pounds and have kept it off for six yrs now, i had gastric bypass surgery. i would love to get to know your son, please go to my website and try and get him to go i think it will be very motivating to him, he can get in touch with me at anytime, i would like to send him a copy of my book winningafterlosing please give me his address you can send it to my e mail at newstacey2004@aol.com i would love to get to know him, you are a great mom and ive learned to spot them cause i have my own great mom. wishing u the best stacey my web address is www.winningafterlosing.com

drziltox said...

after having been thru 3hr diets, medifast, and the latest: nutrisystem, I placed my 1st order with waldbaums! I'm sure none of you have heard of waldbaums as a diet delivery service, it isn't, I was tipped off to the fact that they delivery by a good friend, and decided to use them after I had receive my order from nutrisystem, which arrives a month at a time, and promptly finishing off the order in just over a week, now I'm trying waldbaums on the theory that I'm actually able to order stuff like fruit and salad stuff, hopefully it will be a more realistic "red pill" for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

this is a great place to share and get new ideas. Thanks for the idea I too will now start ordering my food from Waldbaums this way I will eat healthy and I will not buy the extra's as I walk up and down the isles. ThanksMike for sharing with us and letting us learns from each other.

drziltox said...

it dawned on me Mike, that as you have been losing weight this time around you are starting to look like a young Brian Dennehy, no foolin'

drziltox said...

thanks chubby, maybe we can compare notes on our new "waldbaums" diet adventure.

Mike Hebranko said...

I am sure Nadine will take you up on your kind, sweet offer. I always say "We help ourselves when we help each other".
Thank You Stacey

Mike Hebranko said...

Dear DZ
Brian Dennehy, okay, I would rather it be Tom, Brad or even George Clooney but thanks DZ.
I also want to thank you for sharing your newest ventures. I understand (as I know many of friends do) eating the months food within a day or two. I already received some email aboout your psoting so thanks again.
You know DZ (TZ) that I have faith in you and know will do it.
Take care and keep us posted
love you buddy

Mike Hebranko said...

Dear Chubby
I hope that is a pet name of sorts and you are not puttin yourself down.
I hope you Waldbaums venture works for you, shop the perimeter. Fresh foods veggies etc. Eat your greens they are important.
Any Good luck Chubby and keep in touch