Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Miracle of Life

On June 9th, of this year I was honored, proud, and thrilled to be at the hospital, when my daughter-in-law and my son become new parents of a healthy baby boy. In the waiting room along with the mom’s family, was my wife, my 83-year-old mother-in-law and my three-year-old grandson. Four glorious generations, in a waiting room, just waiting for the surprise announcement of whether their was a new Hebranko boy or girl. Then my son came through the elevator doors and the wait was over. My grandson had his little brother, that he was so anxiously waiting for, a new play pal.

Right after the initial emotional outburst from all and my own personal pride, I was feeling for my son and his now family of four. I could not help to think about how beautiful life is truly. A miracle had just happened within that building and my son and daughter-in-law (especially) were part of it. Within minutes, we were able to look through this glass window and I saw him. My grandson, my second grandson. I never had a two. I was an only child, I had an only child and for the past three plus years, I was blessed with one grandchild. Now I had two.

I have lived to see this happen. I could not help think, as I looked at this beautiful little boy how great it was this time, to be a part of this moment. Sadly, at the birth of his brother, I could not be at the hospital. Therefore, I waited at home for a phone call from his dad. That when it did come through, he said to me, “Da, I have a son”!

I also could not help remember how many of my son’s school plays I missed, his little league games that I could not attend. I even missed my own son’s high school graduation.

However, I did not miss this. I was there, live and part of it all. The last brand new baby I had seen born was this little person’s daddy 32 years ago. It was a big difference. Besides me being 32 years younger, his daddy was almost twice his size. My little grandson was a small guy, six pounds eleven ounces. His dad was eleven pounds four ounces. Almost half but just as beautiful and just as cute.

Life is a miracle. At one point I was holding my older grandson (imagine, my older grandson) and the both of us are looking at this newcomer to the world.

I want to wish my grandsons, their mom and dad only happiness and health in life. I hope they always see the glass as half full and look for that silver lining in those clouds….it is there.

Life is a miracle and if you are reading this blog, then you are part of this miracle. Each day we open our eyes and at the end of the day, lay our heads on our pillows, we were part of the “Miracle of Life”.

There were times in my life I did not see grandchild in my future and now I see me dancing at their grandchildren’s wedding.

All things are possible ……

Have a great day and keep smiling


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I believe in prayer. The power of prayer is probably the most powerful force in the world, the universe. For me prayer is my personal communication with my maker, my lord. To some who are non-believers, they may call prayer; meditation, quite time or whatever they may like.

From a personal point of view, I pray daily. Being raised a Roman Catholic I have my standard prayers (Our “Hail Mary’s”, The “Lords Prayer”, A “Glory Be”, An “Act of Contrition” etc :) but then there is my direct communication, my one on one time, me to the lord.

Today, I found myself alone in the house for a short time and I began to pray. Before I knew it, I was praying aloud as if God was sitting right next to me (and he was). There were no formal words; I thanked him for what I have, for what he has done in my life, and for my life! Then of course, I asked him for things. Health was on the top of that list and not so much for me (although I did not fail to include me on the list) but mostly for my wife, son, daughter in law and the future baby soon to be part of our world and life. Then there were special thanks for my grandson and what a gift he is and to protect him (by now I was in tears).

Before you know it, I was feeling guilty. I didn’t want to leave anyone out, I prayed for my mother in law, my extended family, my friends, my blog buddies, and for even people I didn’t know. I also asked for a few other things….like strength.

I am not posting this to share my prayers or try to convert anyone. What I am trying to say is afterwards I felt, GREAT!

I felt strong, as if a weight was lifted off my shoulder.

Me, I believe it was my direct communication with the “Big Guy”. I highly recommend it. Again, if you are not the spiritual type then just a little alone time and speak out loud, how you feel. Holler if need be, cry out in pain if that is what you are feeling. Crying is not a sign of weakness but rather a way of cleansing of ones mind and spirit.

People have been praying and meditating for trillions (ha) of years. Some call it meditation, some call it prayer, call it what you want to, I just say it is a great experience.

Spending time with yourself, deep time, getting things together, being thankful for the things that have worked (and there is plenty of things that work), verbalizing what you need to have happen, what you want to happen. Being grateful for the things in your life, even the small things, can help one along the path with great power.

Getting yourself in a positive mood and being positive helps in those self-struggles, we all face. So for me, I had a great spiritual morning and wanted to share it with my friends (I must be honest it was not my first). I feel extra good, extra strong and very happy.
Why not share it?

If you are one who prays (or meditates), then I am sure you understand what I am saying and for those who have different beliefs or no beliefs then I just ask you to find some time to spend with you. You will find that you need a little affirmation, forgiveness, and some direction.

Go for it and never ever forget about yourself …in this very complex world!

Have a great day!

Peace of mind and Peace be with you