Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Season of Miracles

This is the season for the celebration of “Miracles”. So to often we literally get “wrapped” up in the materialistic part of this time of year, that we actually forget what it is all about. It is about miracles.

In much of the world, we celebrate Christmas (the miracle birth of the Christ Child); we also celebrate Hanukkah (a Festival of Lights) and Kwanzaa (the Celebration of a Culture of People). All these celebrations, all based on miracles of all kinds.

We as a people, around this time of year, very often forget, truly forget, the “reason for the season” and instead we are so involved in so many other things. Oh, there is the shopping, spending, worrying, cooking, eating and for many people being depressed takes up a big part of the time. Yes, depressed. Depressed, that their loved ones, may not be with them, for one reason or another. Depressed because they may not have the money to buy the gifts they want to. Depressed, they may not have any friends or family. All may be valid reasons.

Yet again what are we doing? This is a season of “Miracles” and a miracle has occurred in your Life! Yes! It is the twelfth month of the year and you and I are communicating once again. We are celebrating our life. We made it! Another year, Hooray! Some of us, it may have been a “Breeze” and for others it was “The Perfect Storm” but we are all here to talk about it.

Some may be wounded but we are here and as long as there is life….there is HOPE!

Therefore, in this the season of “Miracles”, Celebrations, Gift Exchanging, Partying and Eating…we need to take time to look around and appreciate the “Miracles” in our lives.

When we do look around, we need to start first from within our self.

Get it! We are a Miracle!

Each day we survive is miraculous. Do not brush it off so easily.

Life can be difficult at times and those of us who fight, survive, and get to play in this game of life another day…well that is a gift of champions!

Then after looking within ourselves take a look around us and I bet we can find all kinds of “Miracles” that happen around us in our lives.

A phone call can be a miracle, if it is at that right moment if our life, when it is needed. A smile, a visit, the smell of a new day, can be miraculous when a smile is what it takes. How about a new birth, or the passing of a suffering loved one? Getting to hold your grandchild, this is nothing short of a miracle.

Miracles, all kinds of miracles are all around us, all the time.

We need to just rub our eyes and stretch out our arms and just take in the goodness that surrounds us.

Yes, this is “A Season of Miracles” but that does not mean Miracles only happen in December!

To all of you out there have a Miraculous Holiday, a Healthy one to you and all your loved ones and when it comes to the “Eating”, Remember….

There is a tomorrow

Have a wonderful day