Monday, July 25, 2011


Weeeeeee! I remember those days so well. I was one of those who loved to go on rides and I did. The rule was “if I fit then that ride I hit”! Many were different Roller Coasters. Living in Brooklyn my whole life we had one of the most famous Roller Coaster in the world, “The Cyclone” in Coney Island.
If you study a Roller Coaster you will find that life is very similar to the ride itself. There are hills and bumps; at times it seems faster than other times. Some of the highs are very high and real scary and then you go along and when you least expect it you plunge into the unknown.
Sound familiar? This can be any of our lives and any time. Throughout life we have our ups and downs, with a few bumps thrown in for good measure. But rather than keep us down we have to keep the ride moving forward because soon the car will climb once again and so will our situations.
Believe me I know when things seem to be the darkest and there seems as if there is no hope, it is hard to keep moving forward. Those are the times when as the song says “you want to roll yourself up in a big ball and die”! “That’s Life”!
True there are times you could feel this way, I have been in that spot often enough to know it. What do you do?
You hang on, you believe and believe hard. There are highs ahead. There is light at the end of that tunnel. The key thing is you have to be here to reap the benefits. You have to not give up, not give up on yourself, on life, on the reality that things can and do change!
You have to believe in yourself even though people have lost faith in you, especially when people have lost faith in you. When those who you love and love you the most have reached their end and have given up on you that is no easy thing to face. That is a low of low.
Here are your greatest support people and they can’t hide their hurt, frustration, fear and overall tiredness. Their lack of belief in you.
This is when it is most important for you to hang on the most. This is where it is the hardest, not only have you given up on you but those who supported you when times were the worse seem to have quit. The pain becomes so bad, the loneliness overcomes you, and the emptiness drains your everything. This is when all you want to do is eat your way through the house….NO, this is when you have to hang on and do the opposite.
You have to fight, try different things, you must survive. We must survive!
There is no answer in the food we stuff in our mouth. The only thing that food does is have the same effect as my Grandson’s Binky (Pacifier). That binky amazes me, it is just a nipple with no reward coming through it yet it quits him down, puts him to sleep and makes him feel good!
Well the food we eat may taste okay for the moment but the overall harm it does…ask yourself. Is it worth it?
We all have an untapped strength inside of us. We really can be stronger than we think we are.
Each and every one of us have to pick our heads up high, throw our shoulders back, deep breath, and say these simple words…”I AM WORTH IT”!
You are worth it! You are worth every try out there. As long as you have breath inside of you, then you are worth the effort. When those who are the ones nearest to us get tired and lose faith in us, we need to be worth it even more.
My brother and sister in battle, no one knows pain we go through, no one knows the Roller Coaster Ride we are on individually, no, not until they ride in our car or walk in our shoes.
There is no room in your shoes for anyone else, walk forward, move on and enjoy the ride because you are worth it!
Really you are!

Good Luck and have a great day…