Thursday, February 14, 2008


People go to school for many years to receive many levels of degrees and diplomas. My hats off to all of them for their efforts and accomplishments. I personally have some formal education but I hold a self- proclaimed PhD in “the battle to live”. My thesis is in the self-study to find a balance of living with my disease and being able to come to some normalcy. Do I know about obesity? Do I know things about myself, and how they affect my behaviors? Do I know how to lose weight? Do I know how to diet? Do I know? Oh do I know! If a doctorate could be issued in “obesity” … well just call me Dr. Mike.

I have researched this disease for over twenty-three years. I have self-examined and put myself in therapy for over thirty years. Medically, I have experienced personally a lot and have seen even more. I have exercised at 198 pounds and at 1,000 pounds and I have lost literally over a ton of weight.

Throughout the years if something worked for me, I was the type of person who wanted to share with my friends. Well something is working for me over the past almost three years and I want to share it. Now it is no magic answer and it is really nothing amazingly new but it works, it works for me. I am an addict and when it comes to food, I love it. I will always love it and not all the therapy, all the behavior modification, in the world, so far has been able to keep me from loving food. Not only do I love it I am addicted to it also. In that once I start eating it I can barely control myself and it becomes a major all out battle.

Therefore, what is working for me is my K.I.S.T. method. Keep It Simple Today! Tomorrow we will worry about when it gets here but for today simple. Simple menus, simple cooking, simple flavors. The more involved the more flavors and aromas, the prettier and tastier and emmm good then guess what? I want more! No matter how healthy it is prepared, how much fiber and little fat etc. etc. eventually if you eat more and more of it the calories add up. If you eat, more calories than your body burns up in a 24-hour period then guess what happens to those extra calories? They get stored as fat. Now I know that is a simple version but that is what I am talking about, simple. Keep It Simple Today!

Listen to me my friends and listen to and old experienced person in this topic (one who in no way has it all together yet) we cannot look for pleasure in the food. We have to find something else in our life that makes us feel as good as those crazy flavors, sensations that come from eating. That is the million-dollar question what is that thing for you. For me it might be my grandson, or my wife or family or helping a friend for you it might be something else.

The important thing is the quest is worth it in your life. Your ultimate inner peace and happiness is worth it all. So when it comes to your battle for control today, when it comes to your next meal or worrying about your exercise remember this K.I.S.T.

Keep It Simple Today
Love ya