Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What a Great Day!

What a great day! I like to start each day by saying just those words, “What a great day”. Some days it really takes work to make those words have the right meaning and then other days those words seam so obvious. Everyday is not the same, life deals different hands and often on a daily basis. Some days things are just going great for me. First, I wake up and that in itself is a miracle. Then I see my wife, a little later I get to see my son when he will stop by and say good morning. Then the real miracle happens and such a blessing, my dear daughter-in-law will come down and in the background I will hear a little voice say “hi grandpa”… emmm what else could I want. Me, hearing those words “hi grandpa”, never did I ever think I would hear it. I barely have gotten use to being a daddy (30 years) and now its grandpa. The best part of getting older is to see things like that.
Speaking of getting older, many of my friends and family have such a thing about getting older and “God forbid” mentioning their ages. So what, I am going to be 55 years old and God willing in 5 years I will be 60 years old. What is the difference as long as I am around to say all that. Thank God, I can say I am going to be 55 years old. It is just a number. I have friends who couldn’t say “I am 17 years old or 27 years old or 45 years old” and why can’t they say that because the died at 16, 26, and 44. Did my 16 year old friend think he would drown the day he went into that lake, did my 26 year old 1,000 pound friend think he would die just that day or so on? No! They expected that there would be many tomorrows, but there were none for them. No one knows how many tomorrows there will be for any of us, which is one very important reason why today “is a great day”!
It is a great day for me; yes, I am a little lonely today. My dear wife is out of town for the next two days and nights. My family is out doing their own things, I get a little lonely, and worse than that, I get “bored”! Boredom can be my worse enemy. When I am bored, I find myself looking too much for something to munch on. Yet I have to remind myself how important not giving into that desire to munch. Eating healthy and being 60years old has a direct relationship in my life. I have things that I want to do, that I want to see done. Living life is more than eating food, I know this! I believe it!
Today and everyday I can say it is a “Great Day”! If I have to work a little harder some days to make sure it turns out to be a great day, the so be it! I have the power in my life to make my day the “Great Day” it deserves to be!

Feel free to share your thoughts and feeling about anything I have written or anything on your mind. I would love to hear from you!
Be well and remember “all things are possible if you believe” believe in something. Believe in something as beautiful as God and/or as beautiful as today and tomorrow.

Love you


stacey halprin said...

i am one of those people you speak about that cannot say my age.I have lost over 300 pounds and kept it off for 5 years. The last hurdle i have to get over is this age thing. One day I hope to shout it from the rooftops! I should be so proud of all the years i've survived. The problem is that i think if i say it out loud even to myself it will very painfully remind me of all the years i've lost.Rome was not built in a day and one day i will fully accept it. mike you are an inspiration to millions and your words of wisdom have helped save my life! thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mke
Your outlook great! I think that i too have to start looking at life a little differently if i am going to have any success. Thanks for sharing with us and keep up the good work
Your friend

Mike Hebranko said...

Dear Bobby
I was thinking of you today and hoope that you have taken those first steps in looking at your life differently. Bobby in the long run it pays off... believe me it does! Have a great day.

drdoorknob said...

hey mike, it's me again, i'm watching that oj trial on tv right now, i joined the gym in the building, i wish i could have attended your open meeting at bk, but i was under the impression that it was not open but private, and i didn't want to crash lovelina's party, i hope to see you at the scrabble table again, and mr head shoulders heels and toes as well, tz.

Mike Hebranko said...

Hey tz
It is great to hear from you. You should have realized you are always welcomed where I speak. T i want you to take care of yourself I hope that you are walking. I know it is not the greatest of weather but T you have work hard. It is not easy, believe me i know. Hang in there and keep in touch!
Love you buddy

Anneke said...

Good post.