Sunday, September 2, 2007

I am a man "Hungry for Life"!

I am just a regular guy with an unreal desire to live! I have a problem and it has been a problem for a big part of my life. I have an eating disorder, and when it comes to food I am an addict. I have allowed myself to eat tremendous amounts of foods to the point where I have become totally dependant of others and in danger of losing my life. Some say I have a “death wish”, I say poppycock to that! I do not know anyone who loves life, has a desire to live and who has hopes and dreams as much as I do. Yes I am hungry, hungry all the time, but I am more so “hungry for life”. I invite you to my blog page for sharing your feelings, ideas, successes, set backs, and for those who are interested in learning about the hearts and minds of the obese. Right now I am in a good place and doing good things for myself. I am experiencing things in life that I haven’t in over 15 years. The world is a beautiful place, things have changed a lot. For example what happened to the simple “walk and don’t walk” traffic signs, now there are hands telling us when to cross the streets. Well it is great to be a player again. I have a long way to go in my journey but if “I believe” then it will happen. There are changes that need to be made for my friends who suffer from this disease and need help, we must do something!! “Death wish”, poppycock I am a man who is “hungry for life” and I want to and I am going to live.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mike
I have been following you and your story forever. When you first lost the weight many years ago i thought you were my hero. I saw you on all the shows and bought the video. I tried so hard to lose the weight like you did. I couldn't. Each time I tried i seemed to gain more weight. Yet you continued to inspire me. Then you dropped out of the picture. When they took you from the house and you gained the weight back and still willing to go public i knew then you wer really my hero, and have been ever since. I struggle as you do everyday and you give me a reason to continue. I am thrilled that you are now blogging.
Thank you
For now i will remain anonymous

Anonymous said...

mr hebranko i noticed in your bio that you love books about people thats why i highly recomend "winning after losing " by author stacey halprin great read! all the best from S HALPRIN LOL! lol!

Brandi said...

My Brother Michael,
You ROCK! You have been & will always be my heroe! I love you so much & are so very proud of you! I have never met a stronger or wiser man then you!
'KEEP ON TRUCKIN' I know you will get there!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Peace & love always,
Brandi Riederman Fromm

Anonymous said...

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