Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To Eat or Not to Eat ...That is the Question..

Or is it the question? The holidays are right around the corner and for the past 55 years, that has meant an orgy of eating. Usually, it begins a couple of days before Thanksgiving (preparing the meals) and ending the second week in January with the last of the leftovers. I use to laugh when I would hear the report how the “average” person would gain 6 to 9 pounds over the holiday season, Ha! Once again, I did not fall into the averages. My weight gain over this seven-week season would be more like 50 pounds, yes fifty pounds. Then the depression and anger with myself would give me the excuse to beat myself up and say “what the heck” and the 50 would turn into 100 pounds. They are just numbers, for me it is 50 and 100 for you it can be 25 and 40 or 15 to 30, the numbers are not the issue, it is the behavior and attitude!
I cannot afford a backslide. I cannot let my guard down. My gift to myself this holiday season is to stay healthy. I must stay focused on the great feeling of being able to move better and participate in life better than I have in the past. It cannot be all about food. Yes, reality is that there are favorite seasonal, traditional dishes that are made during the season. Well I do not have to eat all of them and I do not have to eat it all. A taste if anything will have to be enough! I am a realist and in the past (1989-90) I starved myself for the holidays like some kind of hero. Whom did I fool? What was I proving?
I am a human being and I will want to have a taste of something, right now to be honest I do not. There is nothing I want to have and part of my disease is to have this great control and have nothing during the holidays, but why? When the time comes, I will do my best to plan, choose, and eat sensible.
I want this to be a joyous holiday for me. I have so much to be thankful for and so many things to look forward to. Life is so great, the world is a beautiful place, and I want to be a player. It is much more fun playing than just sitting on the sidelines and being a spectator. Relaxing, making the right choices and loving myself will allow me to continue to be a player and play even better next year!
Have a great day and remember "you are worth it"!
with Love


Anonymous said...

Dear Mike
I relate to what you are saying and I respect your attitude. You have such a way of putting things. I too want to make this holiday work for me and i want to thank you for your words.
Keep up the great work.
Love you and your ability to share

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael.........

I have told you from the beginning of this journey that you are an Angel and you arent leaving till you get it right...lol. You have impacted so many lives i dont know if you truly have any idea just how many you have lifted up and saved just by being who you truly are.

I thank God for you being one of if not MY biggest hero and you always will be. You have helped me by being an example of strength and teaching me NEVER TO GIVE UP. I know you will hear from alot of others .....but i know that you will always remember that one security guard at the Paerdegat that you changed the life of way back when....and you will always be a very big part of... even though we dont see each other so much anymore. We both still go thru the same battles and i pray for you every day as i do for my own strength each day to win this battle and beat this disease some day.

Thank you for sending me the invitation to your Bloggs and maybe some day maybe even i will get the courage up to sit and write day by day my dance with the devil without thinking i'm the only one or the weakest link for even letting him in.

God Bless you Michael you are in my heart and prayers always....and hopefully we will connect soon.
Thank you for caring enough to share your heart and life as you always have.


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Mike Hebranko said...

Dear Michael,

I'm glad to hear you're doing so well after leaving Brookhaven and that you're looking ahead to the holidays with open eyes and a clear head.

Meanwhile, I feel like there's unfinished dinner between us, so let's talk about next steps at your earliest convenience. I'm at xxx-xxx-xxxx call me any time.

All the best,
B.G. Dilworth

November 19, 2007 4:49 PM

(note from mike: i reposted this comment minus the telephone number, not sure if B.G. was aware this is posted publicly.

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