Monday, May 19, 2008

In The Moment ….

“Now is the time ….” “One day at a time…” “Be here now…” these are all statements that most of us have heard at one time or another. Often they have had a profound meaning on our lives. At the same time if we were not doing well, it was those kinds of statements that were the last thing we wanted to hear. They are simple little words, not complex meanings and yet they can make a big difference in our lives.

Let me share an example with you. Recently (May 14, 2008) I was blessed enough to celebrate my 55th birthday. That in itself, I look at as a miracle. Considering where I have been and what I have put my poor body through and the amount of times that my family or I was told that my time was limited, well miracle is the only word that comes to my mind. Along with grateful, grateful to God and to the people God has sent me in my life.

Back to my birthday and being here “Now” etc. I have had some unforgettable birthdays. I have had some great parties, loads of family and friends to celebrate with. Surprise parties, small family get togethers and yes, I have even spent a few birthdays in the hospital fairly ill. I have some very good memories and some not so good ones on the birthdays but the point is if I dwell on all them and live in the past then I would not have been able to enjoy not only one of my best birthday’s in my life but just a great day in general.

To “be here now” would be an understatement. My son arranged for himself to have the day off and with him, my dear daughter in law and my special little grandson they took me to the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn. First, I have not been there, I think since I was 11 years old and that was with my dad. To be able to go there with my grandson and see the joy on his face that I was with him was the best present I could have received. He was as excited but not as much as I was. His mom packed a healthy picnic lunch, we got to eat outdoors. We also were able to watch the walrus get fed. My sweet wife had a business meeting, in the morning but met us at the aquarium later on; it was such a perfect day. I even got to go to a stadium show and watched a sea lion show. One of the joys was to watch the expression on my baby’s face when the sea lion came up to him and planted a smooch (kiss) right on his apple cheek.

It was a special day, and that was because I was there with my very close loved ones. I was able to be part of an event rather than be at home in bed waiting for everyone to arrive home and tell me all about it. I was a participant! I was a player. I was part of life and “living the moment”.

It is days like that, those special days, those days where you can be part of rather than part from. It is those days, which make the daily battle, the daily struggle, all worthwhile.

The pay off sometimes is those big days like I spent on my birthday but if you really look hard the payoff is each day that we wake up and get to play!

Now is the time, being here now, taking one day at a time pays off with many rewards. The reward of satisfaction! Satisfaction of taking care of you and making it happen! The reward of getting another day to play and then there are those extra special days.

The aquarium days …… in my case I am not sure if it was the actual aquarium itself (although I enjoyed the experience immensely) but rather the company I was with and having my little grandson calling me “Ga Ga look at the sea horse, or Ga Ga don’t be afraid of the shark I’ll hold your hand”. That is worth more than the “lottery”, the “triple crown”.

Enjoying the moment, being here right now, and taking one day at a time, may sound corny at times but believe you me, for simple words, they are so powerful.

Therefore, I hope to continue my quest, my journey to make my life as healthy as I can so that I can have more days that are special, just more every day's. I look forward to the tomorrows but in the meantime …… there is the today ……

The Now!

Good luck my friends

May we all journey together




Anonymous said...

Wow i am first blogger here tonight ......i sit here reading this blog with tears in my eyes...first tears of happiness for you hear of your experience brings such joy to my heart and knowing i was able to speak to you on the phone that day brought more joy as you were on your way to the aquarium as we spoke and to hear the joy in your voice was amazing....second i sit here with tears becasue this blog hit home for me...everytime i go out i live with the fear can i there gonna be a chair for me...what do i do if there isnt...are people gonna stare....i sit at home waiting for the little oen to call me and tell me about the school functions as i make up excuses of why i cant go knowing in my head i cant do the chairs they have there in the school or debating if i can go out to dinner with them will i fit in the chairs do the chairs have arms....i so hate this feeling i am having right did bring back a memory of thursday night meetings then going to the diner and hoping there are chairs that everyone can fit this point i dont even know how to express how i feel...i hurt right now inside and i hate i am gonna end this blog tonight because i personally cant deal with the emotions it brought up and sorry for rambling....and will try and come back and blog more when in a more positive mode...but for now i keep fighting and one day i will live in the moment i know i will i know i will i know i will...hugggsss and kisses to all

Anonymous said...
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Mike Hebranko said...

Carol Honey
Cheer up! I totally understand. You know my story but for those who don't, I was the person who worked two jobs at 900 pounds. I have gone out at all weights and yes I have dealt with the logistics of chairs and fitting into the thin world. Even worse I have had to feel the pain of not only children making fun at me but adults who should know better.
I went out into the world as long as my body allowed me too and I could physically would.
By the way I now have to travel in a wheel chair so I kind of have a built in chair with me. Yet remember I am still in the high
300's and I was out there in the 400's and 500's. People will laugh at what they do not understand and that is there problem.
We have to push and be players otherwise a beautiful life passes us by.
You are not your body and you are a great person with so much to offer. Don't stay locked up if you do not have too.
Go out and play!!

Love ya

Yanna said...

Yet another AWESOME topic Mike! ::::clapping hands & cracking knuckles all excited to get these itchy fingers blogging about this:::: Thank you!! I LOVE IT, just Love it!

Living in the now… WOW! Years ago I was way too busy to worry about the NOW! Boy have I learned my lessons! I sure couldn’t agree with you more Mike! Here and Now is the ONLY place to be AND the only place you really can “BE”. You can’t BE in the past because it’s gone, and you can’t BE in the future because it’s not here yet… So NOW is where all the action is! Woo hoo! I think the part I love best about living in the NOW is that it doesn’t mess up your life by lying around stockpiling dingy dark cobwebs, dust & dirt, like living in the past can… AND, It’s provided and made available to each of us BRAND SPANKING NEW, each and every day! I Love it!

I never really paid too much attention to the NOW until the last couple of years. I love what I’ve learned and my new positive experiences that came along with the knowledge. I’m STILL learning and looking forward to better and better experiences as I learn and practice. The NOW is only a fragment and it’s up to us how magnified we will make it! The only way to make it more important is to use it better. It all depends on us. Without NOW, change can’t exist… so NOW is the only time you really have to turn things around for the better and make things happen. I really appreciate the NOW so much more since I’ve come to understand it better. Oh, the past is a nice place to visit every now and then, but I sure wouldn’t want to live there! UGH!

The past is made up of all used up and vanished NOWs, and those that continue to try and live in the past are losing and wasting an amazing NOW that they only get the chance that day to use once! No way to get it back once it passes. Precious moments and opportunities fly by and are gone and wasted all because of diversions made from something used up and gone! It had to be put that way in order for me to see that it just didn’t make any sense for me to continue to live in the past and expect things to get better while living there.

The future is another diversion people spend too much thinking on… and while they’re too busy allowing most of their thoughts to visit… be it the past, future or both… NO ONE is minding the store NOW! Yi–yi–yi! ::::slappin’ my forehead!::::

I also learned that the future is only a locked door; the key to open it is NOW… your thoughts are not welcomed into the future without NOW accompanying you… so you MUST live NOW as best as you can to get to and be welcomed into a better future… They say, “Now is at the crossroads of life, be alert, you may be missing "good luck" signs. Meet NOW at the crossroads. Now is never late, but is most often kept waiting”. How true!!

The NOWs that are given ample thought and are well planned, as well as the NOWs that just happen unexpectedly will be your memories tomorrow. We CAN and are able to make them good memories, NOW.

I hope in sharing a little of what I’ve learned prompts others to spend more time in the NOW too. I’d like to recommend, to those who don’t know, Oprah’s & Eckhart Tolle’s Webcast class on “A New Earth”. You can go to to learn more about it and sign up for the summer course. It’s inspiring, life-changing and focuses much on living in the NOW. I loved the course and am taking it again because I’m sure I’ll learn something new each time I take it.

Here’s a special heartfelt invitation to all who read this & to all they would like to extend it to:

This is an Open House Invitation to Attend…
Come as you are because you’re already perfect as is…
No R.S.V.P. required… Just show up! :) Bring a friend!

In Peace, Love & Light… Diana

PS: OK, I got that freaking Luther Vandross song "Here & Now" stuck in my head... Thank you VERY MUCH! haha! Hugs & Smooches!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Dear Mike
Once again I love reading your blog and it has really hit home. You have a lot of wisdom and make a lot of common sense. Happy Birthday and thnk God for all of us you are with us.
Thank you for all your inspiration
Love and thanks

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael
Be here now, is the key. You are so right. We so often live in the past worry about what happened or what is going to happen. We waste time concerned about what people are going to think or what they said or did to us, that this moment passes us right by. Often we spend the now eating over the then or later.
Michael thank you for your help and wise words.
I to tell you I am in California and I come to this blog almost every day to read what you and others have to say.
This is my first time I am writing. I a m not a good writer. I hope to leave other messages.
Again thanks
Respect and Love

Anonymous said...

I read your blog as I always do and I have to say that once again you have hit a "Bullseye". "In the moment" is about as on the money as you can get. We need to practice on being in the moment and not living in the past or worry about the future. I agree with you this is the only way to make today work.
By the way I am glad you had a great birthday with your family, you and them deserve it!
Keep up the good work and keep blogging.


Anonymous said...

This is a great place and I am glad I found it. I believe we all need to use it and share on it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
We need more pople with your attitude in this world. You need to keep sharing your wisdom.

You inspire me!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Mike
You are a life changer. You certainly work on changing your life, I know you have inspired me to change my life and I am sure you have touched many others. I personally can not thank you enough. One of my dreams in my life is to meet you. I am 32 years old, happily married with two children and they all want to thank you for helping me.
My name is Wendy Wilson and I live in San Diego, California
A big shout out to New York
Love you
Dream to meet you

Mike Hebranko said...

My dear sweet friend Diana
Thanks for the book! (Ha!) Seriously thank you for sharing so openly and honestly. I know it helps others as I know it helps you. It helps me!
You have come so far in your journey and the trip has just begun. I am glad to be watching you and being there for you if you need a friend and when I can be.
Life is a beautiful trip some of the places we have to visit are not as nice as the others but all in all it is so worth it.
I hope along your journey you stop by this blog as often as you can and also my email address.
Love you and joy to you

Luther would be proud of you!

Mike Hebranko said...

My special Boot
You know there would be no now if it were not for you!

Eternally In Love with you

Mike Hebranko said...

Dear Lori
Thank you for your sweet words and thoughts and let me say it is my pleasure to be here with you and all.
I have to say that Heaven sounds like a great place and some day I pray to be there but hopefully not for a long time!
Love and respect

Mike Hebranko said...

Dearest Joy
Please do feel free leaving as many messages as you would like. I dream of this blog being a place for many of us to come and share. By the way you write fine (as far as I can tell). Grammar don't count!! Spelling niether! I appologize to those who the mis-use of proper english disturbs them but I was busy eating in school when it came to that subject. I am the worse. That is why I have a wonderfully talented co-author helping me write my books.
Therefore Joy you continue to visit us and share whenever your sweet heart desires.
Good luck in your life
Love ya

Mike Hebranko said...

Hi Cynthia
I have to re-iterate TODAY is so beautiful and it is just today. If I sit here and think of the yesterdays that have past, the would haves, could haves, should haves, then forget about it. Why relive what sometimes were not such great moments.
The truth is that even today sometimes may turn out to be not the best of the best but when you wake up the next day then that is today and "this today" is now yesterday and why re-live that not so good day, just take in this special day!

I hope it makes sense in words because in life it works great!

Cynthia all the best to you today and every today and keep in touch!
Love you

Mike Hebranko said...

You are welcome to come back as often as you would like. It would be my pleasure. I am glad you enjoyed the blog and hope to be able to continue with this blog for quite a while.

Mike Hebranko said...

Hi Robert
It is interesting we had a Rob and a Robert right after each other, are you the same?
Either way I am now addressing Robert and I want to tell him thank you!
I have found there are many inspirational people in this world you just have to know how to look for them.
Oh there are the obvious ones, the Politicians (who make great speeches and promises), there are the Preachers, Entertainers, Talk Show host, Sports heroes etc. Those are often the obvious ones but then if you take the time to look you might find a sweet old family member to be very inspirational, a single parent, a brother or sister, a friend, in my case I have found inspiration in all of those adn then in addition there is my son and wife who have been very inspirational to me. There love and dedication has taught me a lot.
I even find inspirtation often in people like you Robert.
I have not yet met you (I do not think) and yet in some way you have inspired me to write all of this and have helped me feel that what I do write may mean something to someone.
Thank you and to all who take a moment to comment
Love in a respectful way

Mike Hebranko said...

Oh Wendy
If I were Peter Pan I would come and sprinkle some fairy dust and all of our families could fly away for a weekend to never never land and have a ball!
Seriously Wendy one of my dreams is to go to The San Diego Zoo (I love animals) and have wanted to go there since I was a little boy (well I was never a "little" boy but a young boy). So just think Wendy there is always hope!
......All Things Are Possible If You Believe .....
Hang in there and take care of YOU!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those great words and no I am not Rob. You are quite the guy.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found you and your blog. There were all kinds of rumors on websites that you died but you are alive and well.
You are in the moment and I so want to be there also. I can not let go of the past, it hurts so badly and it is so dark and yes food helps me but the 310 pounds I have on my body prevents me from living any kind of life.
Do you have any suggestions?
Please Mike help or anyone else out there have any words of advice?

Thank you
Doris T.

Yanna said...

Hey there Doris T! ::::wavin' and a smilin' at ya::::

I was your neighbor once!! I used to live on Cold Dark Past Road too - City of Victims - State of Pity Pot! I had to finally move out of there... I'm sure you noticed that living there too many years really runs a person down! Rough place I tell you! GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU CAN!

I do have some things I can share with you that comes from a lady who who's speaking to you straight from the heart... Not everyone may agree with all I say, but I'll tell you these things that have worked for me and are still working, maybe they will help you too... by the way... I made my way out of the 400's and I am past the half-way mark of making my way out of the 300's now... so we have that in common too... so pull up a chair and sit down a bit :::c'mere, patting seat::: let's talk!...

All the love, care and dedication I have given to others over the years has made me wonder why on earth haven't I given any of that to ME!... Was I waiting for someone else to do it? Was MY happiness and health going to be dependent upon what some OTHER person says, does or thinks? I don't know that I still have a perfect answer to those questions and more... but I do know one thing FOR SURE and that it was SO WRONG not to treat myself like I treated my loved ones and others in general! I count! I matter! I am worthy to lose weight and be healthy, happy and live a long life! I am worthy of being pampered and to have fun in my life! I am worthy to love and BE LOVED! I am worthy of success! Please start saying these things to yourself Doris... PLEASE... say it EVERY DAY when you wake up and before you go to bed... even if you cry and choke on the words... each day you'll find it easier and the words will come out stronger and eventually those words will manifest into some positive form! ALL the things that haunt you from the past you MUST begin to realize are NOTHING that can hurt you now unless YOU let them! Those ghosts need to be put to rest permanently and focus MUST be directed permanently on the HERE & NOW... TODAY! Yesterday is gone, used up, and can't be undone. You can do anything you freaking feel like doing TODAY! SO DO IT! Make it positive! Even if it's just for a few hours, that's a good start! Start soothing and healing your pains and scars with all that you love and care about. Surround yourself with the goodness that exists NOW.

I started working on raising my spirit first... I felt if my spirit was soaring the physical body would follow... so I now play all my favorite music that I stopped listening to while shoulder shaking and moving anything else that felt the beat - haha! ... I went for a massage here and there because it relaxes the body, mind AND spirit... long soothing baths with candles that smell so good! Very uplifting! My fav scent is Yankee Candles Egyptian Cotton... tried doing a little craft work with beading that I had also stopped doing... and I found that meditation is really super cool and I just love what that does to me both inside and out! Deep breathing exercises are really refreshing too! These things may not be your thing to do, but you get the picture and can replace any of these things with all that you love to do.

I invested in a juicer and have been juicing once a day, usually between lunch & dinner time... the combination of veggies and fruits is a real energizer! I make sure I take a great combination of liquid vitamins too in the morning... I prefer liquid because they absorb into the system better and quicker and without losing as much potency as I do in pill form...

I went to my doctor and told him I need his help... I have aches and pains and swelling all over due to this excess weight and I wanted aqua therapy to help me get the ball rolling in becoming more physically active... he prescribed it for me 3 X's a week (I'm starting in June) and I know that in itself is going to help drop A LOT of weight! At the suggestion of a close dear friend I also now wear a pedometer that records the entire weeks steps for me... so each day I look back at the day before and try my best to beat the number from the day before even if it's only by 1 step! If you're sedentary a lot then please start taking note of the time and every 45-60 minutes get up and stretch, bend, shake your legs and arms, stand on your toes and reach for the sky for at least 5-10 minutes, take a little walk around the house, office or wherever you are.

Keep yourself busy with positive and constructive things. You'll eat so much less.

Well these are some of the things I've done and are doing... I sure hope that this helps in some small way... I bet tothers will give their helpful hints adn you'll have a great list of things to start from... Good luck to you Doris! You can do this! Big hugs to you!

In peace, love & light... Diana (N.Y.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
I find this blog very interesting. I have followed your story throughout the years and have seen you on TV here and there. I must be honest with you I never thougth of you as a success. Especially since you lost and gained so many times, I myself go through the same thing and I weigh around 275 pounds and as much as 300. I don't look as myself as successful so certainly not you.
Not until I began to read this blog and if this is really you writing it well I have to tell you my whole opinion has changed.
You have some attitude and you are a survivor. Your life does not seem to get you down, you are like that energizer bunny,
I don't know you enough to say I like you or love but I do now respect you.
My name is

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
You do not know me but I feel I know you for many years. I would like to take the moment to address James.
James You can not imagine what it takes to survive just one day with this disease and here is Mike who has made it through 55 times 365 days (I am not good at math), all I know he is a hero.
Thank You for the time
Love this blog

Anonymous said...

Found this great blog but why not post daily?


Mike Hebranko said...

Dear Robert
You seem pretty special yourselef, we all are in our own way.


Mike Hebranko said...

Dear Diana
Thanks as always for being so giving. You know what maybe everybody does not agree with you, on everything but you have the right to say it. Especially when you are coming from a loving place.
I bet you have helped Doris and a many more of us.
You are a very special person but I knew that over 15 years ago, I glad you are realizing it finally
Love ya

Mike Hebranko said...

Dear James
Let me first say it is me, in all my "glory". Yes I understand where you might be coming from James but let me share a little something with you ...
"you never fail, unless yo stop trying"
Now that may be a cop out some may say but it gets me through the rough times because I know no matter how bad things get I keep trying.
Me, you and all those out there that have not given up on hope are not failures, on the contray
Well you take care, and I can comfortly say as one human being to another

Mike Hebranko said...

Hi Kathy
Thank you, and I know that you too are a real winning person!

Glad you like the blog keep posting

Love ya

Mike Hebranko said...

I am not that talented or creative enough to put into words thoughts every day.
Yet thanks for the words of encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael
I live in Paris, France and find this site so in tune with what many of us go through no matter what country we live in. You are truly a wise man and have so much to give. Thank you for your being so open and so honest. You can not imagine how you have helped me and I am sure so many otherss.
God bless you